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In the brand new office space, we will do our best and fully immerse ourselves!

New · Full Love | Review of the Shanghai Office Relocation Celebration Event

On July 1, 2022, Yike Software and minisilicon Technology established a comprehensive enterprise information cooperation.

Exact Yike Software Helps minisilicon Technology Accelerate Development

minisilicon Technology has been approved for entry into the third batch of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai in 2022.

minisilicon Technology Warehousing Technology Small and Medium Enterprises

On November 28, 2021, minisilicon Technology celebrated its 4th birthday, and in these four years, Micon has grown steadily step by step. During this process, it encountered difficulties and also ushered in its own shining moments.

Join hands for four years, gather in Sanya and celebrate together

Recently, Hengxin Huaye's strategic investment in Shanghai minisilicon has helped it become a leader in high-speed digital analog hybrid chips in China.

Hengxin Huaye's strategic investment in Shanghai Mi Silicon helps it become a leader in high-speed