Dual CDR multi rate transceiver with EML drive

MS22300 is an integrated bidirectional CDR, EML laser driver, and limiting amplifier designed specifically for SONET to enable low-power SFP+timing modules. The MS22300 also features an improved APC loop with extended dynamic range and high resolution, supporting various optical emission components.


Four channel cross impedance amplifier, integrated with 24Gbs-28Gbs clock data recovery receiver array

MS32150 is a four channel signal receiver that integrates clock data recovery and cross impedance amplifier, suitable for QSFP28 optical modules of 24Gbs-28Gbs. Simultaneously supports CDR bypass mode, which is suitable for 4x10Gbs non retiming serial links. MS32150 can provide low-power, high-speed chip solutions.


Four channel 25Gbs transmitter, including clock data recovery and direct modulation laser driver

The ms32140 is a four channel CDR retimer and DML driver designed for 24Gbs-28Gbs signal conditioning that can be plugged into the Optical module. By compensating for losses in the electrical link of the host module and resetting the jitter budget, 4x25Gbs operation is achieved. In addition, ms32140 can achieve data recovery on 4x10Gbs non retiming serial links. Provide low-power, low-cost, and high-speed solutions for the next generation 100G data center.

Sample Application



Module Type

Product Type


Part Number

Data Rate

Datacom25G SR/AOCTX CDR25G VCSEL Driver+CDRms3201025Gbps
25G SR/AOCRX CDR25G TIA + CDRms3202025Gbps
25G SR/AOCTX CDR25G VCSEL Driver+CDRms3201125Gbps
25G SR/AOCRX CDR25G TIA + CDRms3202125Gbps
100G SR4/AOCTX CDR4*25G VCSEL Driver + CDRms32040100Gbps
100G SR4/AOCRX CDR4*25G TIA + CDRms32050100Gbps
100G SR4/AOCTX CDR4*25G VCSEL Driver + CDRms32041100Gbps
100G SR4/AOCRX CDR4*25G TIA + CDRms32051100Gbps
100G FR4/LR4TX CDR4*28G CDR + DML Driverms3214028GBaud
100G FR4/LR4RX CDR4*28G CDR +TIAms3215028GBaud
100G SR2/AOCRX CDR2*56G PAM4 CDR + TIAms8602056GBaud
100G SR2/AOCTX CDR2*56G PAM4 CDR + VCSEL Driverms8702056GBaud
200G SR4/AOC & 400G SR8RX CDR4*56G PAM4 CDR + TIAms8604028GBaud
200G SR4/AOC & 400G SR8TX CDR4*56G PAM4 CDR + VCSEL Driverms8704028GBaud
400G SR4RX CDR4*100Gbps PAM4 CDR+TIAms88040400Gbps
400G SR4TX CDR4*100Gbps PAM4 CDR+VCSEL Driverms89040400Gbps
200G QSFP56/QSFP-DD FR4RX CDR4*56G PAM4 CDR +CTLEms8634056GBaud
200G QSFP56/QSFP-DD FR4TX CDR4*56G PAM4 CDR + DML Driverms8714056GBaud
400G DR4/FR4RX CDR4X100Gbps PAM4 CDR+CTLEms88340400Gbps
400G DR4/FR4TX CDR4X100Gbps PAM4 CDR+EML Driverms89340400Gbps
Transport network
100G LR4/ER4-liteRX CDR


100G LR4/ER4-liteTX CDR4*28G CDR + EML Driverms3234028GBaud
200G QSFP56/QSFP-DD LR4/ER4RX CDR4*56G PAM4 CDR +CTLEms8634056GBaud
200G QSFP56/QSFP-DD LR4/ER4TX CDR4*56G PAM4 CDR + EML Driverms8734056GBaud