Filed Application Engineer
Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the technical support of high-speed optical communication electronic chips, including TIA/Driver/CDR, involving optical communication PON, data center, 5G and other product applications.

2. In the early promotion stage, be responsible for technical communication with customers, solve the technical problems of the chip in the client verification test stage, and ensure Design-In to achieve the final Design-Win.

3. In the stage of chip mass production and shipment, provide necessary technical tracking and support, assist the QC department to deal with possible FA problems, and provide technical support for the corresponding PCN.

4. Maintain smooth technical communication with the company's internal product development and testing departments, and assist PLM in the preparation of product manuals and application guides.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or communications.

2. More than three years of experience in optical communications, with a deeper understanding and knowledge of optical communications systems and high-speed optical modules, and experience in high-speed optical module development or application support is preferred.

3. Cheerful personality, good communication skills and teamwork skills, able to adapt to frequent business trips.

4. CET-6, able to read and write professional English materials proficiently.