Application Engineer
Job Responsibilities:

1. Demo board hardware design, schematic design, PCB design based on company products.

2. Based on the company’s products to design customer-oriented modules and board-level RDKs (reference design kits), and promote the design-in of the company’s products on the client side.

3. Work closely with the company's sales team and field application engineer team to directly provide customer support and related technical solutions.

4. Reproduce, locate, debug and solve the company's internal and external customer problems.

5. Creating and writing the technical documents related to the company's products, including Datasheet, Application Notes, etc.

6. Participate in the commissioning, testing and verification of the entire product process, as well as the product acceptance review at each stage.

7. Participate in the promotion, demonstration and training of the company's products.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in optoelectronic engineering, electronic engineering, communication engineering, microelectronics or related majors.

2. Possess a positive working attitude, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

3. More than 5 years of relevant work experience, R&D/testing experience in optical communication chips, optical devices and optical modules, familiar with SFF, IEEE, OIF, MSA and other standards.

4. Proficiency in the use of related test equipment for optical communication products, such as optical oscilloscopes, BER testers, probe stations, network analyzers, etc.

5. Familiar with Cadence/Altium and other schematic diagrams and PCB design tools.

6. Strong hands-on ability, able to independently solve related product application problems.