Job Responsibilities:

1. Mainly face the promotion and sales of optical communication chips of optical module companies, and establish and maintain a good working relationship with customers.

2. Understand the basic status of the customer, including the focus area, the main products sold, the main research projects, and the corresponding information of the competitors.

3. Clarify customer needs, define product opportunities, and promote the design-in of products with the support of FAE to achieve the final Design-Win.

4. For customers who have been mass-produced and shipped, regularly communicate their demand forecasts and daily order management with customers.

5. Agent management in the corresponding area.

6. Collect and analyze market information, understand the needs of potential customers, and assist the company to enhance its competitive advantage.

Job Requirements:

1. A bachelor's degree is recruited, and majors related to electronics or communications are preferred.

2. Three years or more of sales experience in the semiconductor industry, and sales experience in optical communication chips are preferred.

4. Good communication skills, self-management skills and teamwork skills, able to adapt to a certain frequency of business trips.

3. Sales experience in related industries such as packaging equipment, semiconductor process equipment, and university scientific research equipment   is preferred.

4. Have a keen observation and analysis ability on business information and industry information.

5. Possess a certain level of English reading and writing ability, CET-6 or above is preferred.

6. Good character, positive personality, good overall quality, persevering spirit, strong winning mentality, goal orientation; good communication skills,learning and adaptability, able to adapt to frequent business trips.