Product Director
Job Responsibilities:

1. Market research and competitive product analysis of chip products in the RF/communication/Internet of Things related fields, market demand analysis and development and evolution planning of the company's related chip and module products.

2. According to the company's chip development strategy, define specific chip products and application solutions.

3. Assist the company's R&D and product teams to complete the new project approval of related chip solutions, and guide and supervise the R&D process of the approved product.

4. Assist the company's market/product line and other front-end departments to complete customer needs and product pricing related to shelf product sales, and promote the industrialization of chip products.

5. Other work related to new chip products.

Job Requirements:

1. A master's degree or above in microelectronics/communication and other related majors, and those who have a particularly matching work experience can be moderately relaxed.

2. More than 5 years of work experience, no less than 3 years of direct work experience in chip R&D and product definition/planning, and independently responsible for 1 chip product definition and R&D management in the field of RF/communication/Internet of Things.

3. Possess certain end-to-end solution capabilities for chip products, from demand analysis to product definition, and the ability to manage the entire process of chip product development is preferred.

4. Possess a certain industrial background, have good market demand analysis and product planning capabilities, and have an industrial perspective and strategic development thinking are preferred.

5. Be proactive, have a keen vision of new business and new products, and have certain communication and coordination skills.