Marketing Director
Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the demand analysis of optical communication chips, study the possible market directions of products, quantify various market demands, and study the existing competitors in the market.

2. Responsible for the definition and design of product specifications, and formulate product specifications.

3. Responsible for market information analysis, competitor product information analysis, target market and customer group evaluation, etc., propose market strategies, and be responsible for customized product development planning and implementation roadmap (including market penetration plan).

4. Cooperate with the project manager and participate in project management, including project initiation, feasibility evaluation, formulation and follow-up of project plans.

5. Responsible for marketing strategy and promotion plan, participate in product sales analysis and sales strategy formulation, support sales staff's customer introduction, design-in and design-win, and cooperate with the sales department to complete the development of key customers.

6. Responsible for new product development cycle management, track product development progress, coordinate various resources in the development process, participate in the determination of various technical indicators of the new product series, complete product development, and  ensure the development progress and quality.

7. Responsible for product series management, including product generation, series management, updating product manuals, etc.

Job Requirements:

1. Master's degree or above in electronics related majors, with experience in optical communication chip market and product definition and promotion,   and the best record of mass production and delivery to customers.

2. Have experience in optical module or optical communication chip design and application, market development, etc.

3. With several years of business development experience, able to independently develop marketing channels.

4. Familiar with product planning, familiar with various optical communication application scenarios, understanding of optoelectronic chip design technology, understanding of optoelectronic chip industry and related standards.