ReliabilityTest Engineer
Job Responsibilities:

1. Formulate the reliability test plan of the chip, including TC, AC, HTOL, ESD, Latch Up, HAST, ELFR, Package reliability, etc.

2. Production and debugging of reliability test hardware.

3. Implementation, tracking, promotion, closing, reporting, etc. of reliability testing.

4. Reliability test data analysis, failure analysis and improvement.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics, integrated circuit, electronic engineering and other related majors.

2. Familiar with chip reliability process, test plan, familiar with related hardware production, data analysis method, etc.

3. Understand the JESD reliability test standards.

4. Be enterprising and love the industry you are engaged in.

5. Willing to share, good at helping others, meticulous in logic, good at communication, honest and trustworthy, positive.