Micon Technology's High Speed Products Appear at the Optics Expo to Build a Core Force in Domestic

ICC News On September 9-11, 2020, during the CIOE China Optical Expo, the Fiber-optic communication industry chain gathered together, and domestic and foreign manufacturers demonstrated their advanced products and solutions. Under the trend of localization of Optical communication, many representative enterprises of China's optical communication devices and chips have launched many advanced products, represented by Hangzhou minisilicon Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as minisilicon Technology, Minisicon for short), a high-speed Optical module chip provider in China. Many of its chips have successfully sent samples and are under research, committed to building the backbone of domestic chips.

米芯科技高速产品亮相光博会 打造国产芯片中坚力量


According to Xunshi, minisilicon Technology was established in Hangzhou in 2017 and has R&D and design teams in Zhangjiang, Shanghai and Silicon Valley in the United States. Just more than two years after its establishment, minisilicon Technology has launched a number of excellent high-speed Optical module transceiver chips, and its product portfolio has appeared in the Optical Expo, and has cooperated with the optical communication industry chain and customers.

Dr. Luo Gang, General Manager of minisilicon Technology, stated to Xunshi that minisilicon Technology is a group of returnee chip design experts, local market operators, and back-end engineers. Members of the core management team focus on the field of Optical communication chips and digital communication chips. They have more than 20 years of R&D and design experience, are familiar with various special processes, have rich market application experience, and have rich contacts. They have a deep understanding of the domestic and foreign markets as well as the upstream and downstream industrial chains.

米芯科技高速产品亮相光博会 打造国产芯片中坚力量


At present, the Optical communication industry chain is undergoing localization upgrading to supplement the short board of all optical communication chips. Facing the Fiber-optic communication market, minisilicon Technology successfully launched chip products such as TIA/LA/CDR/Driver for PON optical access network, data center and 5G prequel. Some products have been tested by Optical communication customers and received high praise.

In the field of PON optical access network, minisilicon Technology launched a number of office end and client Optical module electronic chip products, including four office end products: 10G EPON TIA/LA chip for burst reception and XGS-PON TIA/LA chip. At the same time, the company is developing an EML Driver (with CDR) chip, which is expected to be officially sampled in December of this year. For ONU applications, minisilicon Technology has launched a 10G APD TIA chip, which has excellent WiFi resistance and sensitivity performance, and has a smaller volume compared to similar products. In this segment, it is an advanced chip leading the international market in similar products.


米芯科技高速产品亮相光博会 打造国产芯片中坚力量


In the data center field, minisilicon Technology has launched a product portfolio covering 5 chips, including three single channel multimode transceiver (integrated with 2 CDRs) TIA+Driver, as well as the transmitter Vcsel Driver (integrated with one CDR) and receiver TIA (integrated with one CDR). All three chips have been tested and verified by customers. In terms of higher speed 100G, the 4x25G TIA product developed by minisilicon Technology is in the process of testing and can be provided to customers for testing as samples. At present, samples have been sent to Optical module manufacturers such as Hisense, Accenture and Huagong. The other product is a single channel 112G PAM4 TIA, which has performed well after being tested by several customers. The 112G PAM4 TIA for the four routes has been handed over to Foundry for flow sheet production, and sample reflux is expected to be completed in December.

In the field of 5G prequel, Micon Technology provides 25G TIA and 25G DML Optical module Combo chips (including CDR), of which 25G TIA has completed sample delivery, and 25G DML Optical module Combo chips will also start sample delivery in October.


米芯科技高速产品亮相光博会 打造国产芯片中坚力量


In this optical expo, minisilicon Technology also demonstrated its MCU products, with the purpose of providing customers with a complete 10G Optical module IC product service. 2020 is the sample delivery and production transition stage of many Micon Technology products. At present, some customer orders have been received, which will bring significant improvement to the company's industry.

With the development of New Infrastructure such as 5G and data center, and the continuous upgrading of 10G PON, it is expected to usher in explosive market conditions next year. With the opportunity of the market, minisilicon Technology will be committed to becoming a diversified and comprehensive product supplier in the field of optical communication applications, and become the backbone of domestic chips.