CIOE 2021 | Mi Xin Technology Minisilicon debuts

ICC News The 23rd China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE) will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 16 to 18, 2021, and Michin Technology will show up at booth 6B015&6B016 with the latest developed flagship products.

Based on its own deep technical research and development strength, Micon Technology focuses on mid - and high-end Optical module chip products, and lays out a number of high-end mainstream applications: PON access network/5G base station/data center, to provide terminal customers with high-speed, high reliability, completely self-developed chip products.

1、 PON access network:

PON access network is one of the most important application scenarios for optical communication. As a key core component, electric chips are a key factor in the development and evolution of PON equipment and module performance. Mixin is the first domestic OLT full line research and development manufacturer, covering the XGPON XGSPON application field. Domestic and foreign operators are deploying 10G PONs on a large scale, in conjunction with 5G construction, to build a 'dual gigabit' network, providing customers with a variety of high-performance voice, video, and data services. Mixin utilizes reliable closed-loop technology to achieve real-time laser monitoring and compensation, thereby reducing production testing requirements and reducing system costs.

To meet the different application needs of the PON market, Mixin Technology has launched separate and merged chip solutions for customers to flexibly choose from:

The discrete scheme includes 10G CDR+EML DRV; 10G/2.5G BM LA and 10G/2.5G TIA have high degrees of freedom, and customers can adapt more flexible solutions according to their needs.

The merger plan includes 10G CDR+EML DRV+10G/2.5G BM LA and 10G/2.5G BM TIA, which can effectively save module internal space and packaging costs.

The operating range of Mixin 10G CDR+EML DRV is from 9.8Gb/s to 10.3Gb/s, with a typical power consumption of 750mW, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. TX parameters have high configurability. Internal integration enriches ADC resources to fully meet DDMI requirements; TIA uses high stability simulation AGC. Low noise coefficient achieves high sensitivity and anti-interference performance; LA has a wide signal detection threshold range, low CML output data noise, and short SD detection response time.

CIOE 2021|米芯科技Minisilicon亮相

2、 Data center:

In the data center market, enterprises and service providers continue to deploy higher rate network ports to meet their rapidly growing network capacity needs. 100G and 200G applications are important components of domestic and foreign data centers

Minisilicon Technology can provide advanced 100G short distance and 200G 10km data center chip solutions, and continuously invest resources to improve the existing product architecture, providing continuous assistance for optimizing customer data centers. Currently, the products available include 4 × 25G TIA+CDR; four × 25G CDR+VCSEL DRV and 4 × 50G PAM4 TIA.

CIOE 2021|米芯科技Minisilicon亮相CIOE 2021|米芯科技Minisilicon亮相

Regarding minisilicon Technology:

minisilicon Technology was founded in 2017 by overseas chip design experts and local market operators. The core management team focuses on the field of Optical communication chips and digital communication chips, has more than 20 years of R&D and design experience, is familiar with various special processes, has rich market application experience and deep network resources, and has a deep understanding of domestic and foreign markets as well as upstream and downstream industrial chains. minisilicon members have degrees in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and other places. They have been designing advanced chips for cutting-edge applications in multinational companies for a long time. Now they are committed to creating Optical communication and data communication chip fields for China.

minisilicon Technology is committed to providing high-quality, low jitter, precise and accurate data transmission and clock generation and distribution solutions for industrial Optical communication, wired wireless communication and professional test and measurement systems; Becoming an advanced data transmission, precision clock generation and distribution solution amorphous design company with independent intellectual property rights in China; Participate in the research and development of data communication transmission standards and Optical communication transmission standards, and make contributions to China's independent standards in the international field.

After rapid development, optical module solutions and clock data distribution chips suitable for FTTx 10G PON OLT, 5G, data center and other applications have been developed. The products have passed the verification of well-known optical module manufacturers in the industry and are used for batch production.