Analog Design Engineer
Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the design and simulation of analog and mixed signal circuits.

2. Circuits include but are not limited to IO, Bandgap, OSC, ADC, DAC, Laser Driver, LA, TIA, CDR, etc.

3. Responsible for communicating with the layout engineer and guiding the layout engineer to complete the circuit layout design.

4. Develop a test plan for the chip, and cooperate with the chip test after the film is taped out.

5. Responsible for writing related design documents in the chip design process.

Job Requirements:

1. Microelectronics, electronic engineering related majors, master's degree more than 3 years, bachelor's degree more than 5 years experience in analog circuit design.

2. Familiar with analog IC circuit design methods, have a relatively in-depth understanding of semiconductor devices and process flow, and be familiar with CMOS and SIGE processes.

3. Familiar with analog circuit-level design tools such as Cadence or Synopsys.

4. Have good teamwork skills, communication skills, learning skills and problem analysis and processing skills, and complete the set goals with members of the R&D team.

5. Have good English reading skills.

6. Experience in mass production of multiple ICs, development experience in ADC, DAC, PLL, Serdes is preferred.